When you realise you’re not the only one being different…

Enter my first unraveling, discovering I’m autistic.

This explained so much of my life. It took me a while to accept it (If you are neurodiverse, you may have felt the same steps, going from shock, denial, anger, shame, relief to finally owning it.)

Then, I discovered Human Design.

Second Unraveling and blessing of understanding another big part of my being different.

The struggle and what’s next.

There’s been struggle. There’s still struggle. Not all melt when you bring awareness to it, but the struggle was not in vain.

Freaky or weird are 2 adjectives that comes to qualify my ideas at times.

I used to keep them for myself, but as I am asking for people to own their weird as Jason Zoosk would say, it’s time I do the same. People’s encouragements to experiment with this helped me take the leap.



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